North Grenville Chamber of Commerce Rapid Antigen Screening

About the Provincial Antigen Screening Program

The Ontario Chamber Network is bringing rapid antigen testing to all SME's with under 150 employees.
Rapid testing is ONLY to be used on staff. This program is NOT designed for customers, clients or students, to purchase rapid test kits for this use please contact your local shoppers drug mart.

To get started there are two simple steps.

Participating in the
Antigen Screening Program is easy.

Fill out a PASP agreement form & Submit to us via email at (This form can be found on the booking page) 

Place your first order & complete the 5 minute training video below for when you pick up your 2 week supply of kits.

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If someone in your workplace tests positive you are required to have them book a PCR test to confirm the preliminary screening results & have the employee self-isolate.

What happens if someone tests positive?

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View frequently asked questions and quick reference sheet by downloading the FAQ sheet below.

Important Facts to Keep in Mind

Antigen Screening is used for screening purposes only and should NOT be used for diagnosis of COVID-19 infection in symptomatic individuals or individuals with known close contact with a positive COVID-19 case. Testing does not prevent someone from getting COVID-19.


Antigen Screening can be thought of as an additional screening tool.


Antigen Screening does not replace public health measures such as symptom screening, physical distancing, masking and hand hygiene.


Antigen screening does not replace requirements to protect the health and safety of workers.


Any positive results from antigen screening must be confirmed with laboratory-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing.